We believe PR is really about story-telling and deepening the understanding of brands and experiences, whether in hard copy, on-screen or via digital.

Corporate Communications
We can assist you in every aspect of your business comms, whether it’s a weekly newsletter to your team, an editorial piece or a news release, we make sure the voice of your organisation is heard (or, at times of crisis, unheard!)

Brand/Communications Strategy
We help our clients find their voice, break through the clutter and get noticed.

Content Strategy
We develop engaging, cohesive and sustainable content strategies for our clients to remain relevant in each phase of a customer’s buying cycle, using integrated channels.

Publicity/Media Liaison
We are master story-tellers, and to ensure our clients’ brands and experiences are heard, we’ve spent many years building trustworthy relationships with the best journalists in the industry.

Content/Website Management
We love putting our creative hats on and creating content for our clients, whether it’s in the form of blogging, news or case studies. Our PR team are experts in the digital world, and can help you manage the content on your website, or the general day-to-day running of your site.

Written something but unsure if it makes grammatical sense? Could it be worded better? We’re here to help. Articles, editorials, social posts, new product releases, ad copy, blogs – you name it, we can write it or edit it for you.

Crisis Management
Should the unthinkable happen and the last thing you need is your brand in the spotlight, don’t panic – crisis management is one of our specialties. We’ll ensure there’s a proper plan in place so, if the time comes, the effects of the event are as minimal as possible. We help you navigate through the tricky times.

Reputation Management
Want your brand seen and heard in a particular way, and kept that way? In the digital world, this is more important than ever. We’ll help you leverage your strengths, reduce risk and bring out the best your organisation has to offer.

Sentiment Tracking
Using sentiment tracking in media enables us to understand key talking points about your brand and ensure strategies are delivering to SEO needs, while disseminating stories and imagery so they are found easily at all search points.

Government Relations
We assist clients in communicating with central and local government, helping get their message across in government circles. Examples include arranging meetings with Government personnel, including Ministers of the Crown, briefing MPs, officials, Mayors and councillors, monitoring and advising on public policy and new legislation, as well as identifying and facilitating hosting opportunities.

Email Marketing/Database Management
Email marketing is not dead and gone – in fact, it’s stronger than ever. We can assist you with crafting and implementing lead generation strategies to grow your database and assist sales and awareness.

Media Training
Does the thought of a TV or Radio interview make you break out in a cold sweat? We can provide media training to get you match fit for interviews. You’ll be a pro in no time.

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