Our across-the-board experience in digital media ranges from managing comprehensive performance campaigns using Programmatic and Search, to bespoke rich media executions placed directly with publishers. Delivering a positive ROI and real results are always top of mind.

Digital Strategy
We’ve got the know-how behind the ever-changing digital landscape, helping our clients achieve meaningful results and using the right technology to drive growth and profitability.

‘Always On’ Digital
Online advertising works best when multiple strategies can be trialled over several months, generating continuous learnings. Through this, a campaign can be constantly optimised and the budget reallocated to the items that perform best in terms of ROI.  Such campaigns are known as ‘Always-On’ campaigns. Our experts have strong opinions and ideas about this concept, something we can discuss with you from the outset.

Display Advertising
Our experts can help you reach and engage with your target market more effectively with display campaigns, ensuring your message is seen on digital channels with similar interests or topics that align with your target audience.

Data Analysis
Our digital team is strongly equipped to analyse and report on specific data and trends relating to your digital campaigns. This aids the achievement of campaign objectives and ultimately aims to increase your ROI.

Programmatic Advertising
Programmatic is an automated form of online advertising, where our clients’ ads are cost-efficiently and intelligently targeted to the ‘right’ consumers across thousands of local and international websites. Our experts use advanced targeting strategies and data sources to assist this. We manage programmatic trading both in-house and through a number of third party ‘programmatic trading desks’.

Look-a-like Targeting
Popular on Social platforms such as Facebook, we can help you reach out to other audiences/prospects that are similar to those you already target in your existing customer base.

Ever wondered how those shoes you looked at on ASOS (but never bought) seems to suddenly pop up in an ad on every site you’re looking at? Technology is far-reaching and fascinating these days, and our experts know how to leverage it for your brand.

Paid Search/SEM/SEO
Our number-crunching experts are passionate about helping our clients with implementing digital campaigns, monitoring and optimising them daily to deliver a positive ROI.

Search Re-marketing
Lassoo’s paid search campaigns are regularly enhanced with search re-marketing, which lets us chase people who leave your website with an even stronger message the next time they make a Google search.

Google Adwords
Our digital team members are all Google-certified and can get your campaign up and running on the world’s largest search engine in a heartbeat. Their expertise ensures your advertising is effectively reaching the right people at the right time in the right place.

Native Advertising
Yes, it’s possible to create content that imitates the environment it appears in. We can assist you with the creation and placement of this unique form of advertising which can come in many forms including ads on Search and Social platforms as well as Sponsored Content on news sites.

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