Lassoo has designed its own Sentiment Tracking system to help clients analyse their brand sentiment and commentary across mainstream and key online and social media platforms.

This analysis has proven to be a crucial aid in measuring sales, improving brand marketing strategies and enhancing reputations.

Media is monitored on a daily basis and a monthly report compiled to determine key trends, product perception, brand perception and reputation management. The information gathered allows us to identify shifts in public opinion, stakeholder responses, brand performance and online presence.

Positive talking points are identified which can be used to shape brand, media and digital strategies. Equally, negative conversational threads and emerging threats to reputation can be speedily picked up and addressed which is especially important given the fast-paced digital world we now live in.

Summary reports detail what issues have been talked about, who is talking about them, and whether the sentiment is positive, negative or neutral.

Since all commentary is monitored on a regular basis, businesses are able to get a clear indication about the way their brand is being portrayed across all media platforms and how that perception is changing for better or worse. Monthly recommendations are provided to address any issues raised by the sentiment tracking so clients can take informed action when necessary.

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